We would need one user with the Administrator access for stopping and starting the HANA database. Normally it will be <SID>ADM. (here SID is the HANA Database Instance Name).

Below steps would guide you to stop/start the HANA database from the operating system level using the <sid>adm user.

  1. Login to the server where the HANA database is running with <sid>adm user using any of  the SSH client.
  2. Go to the path /usr/sap/<SID>/<Instance_Number> and execute the command HDB info ( This command will show the list of services that are currently running). 

3. Execute the command HDB stop to stop all the HANA service all at once, which means the entire database will be stopped.

4. Check the process running with HDB info. It will show only sapstartsrv process, which will not stop automatically. If required, you can kill it and while starting the database, it will start automatically.

5. Start the database services using the command HDB start

6. Check the process using the HDB start and verify all the process are                running or not.

This is all I wanted to share in my first post at SAPYard. I know, this genre of post is not something SAPYard’s patrons see that often. SAP Basis/Security and Admins would appreciate this article more. But others can also have a look and feel of what work the SAP HANA Admins do. That way you have a sneak peek to HANA Admin’s responsibilities.

If you like this, I would like to share more articles on HANA which would  help the HANA Database Admins and also educate other consultants who are always curious to learn new things and always open to gain knowledge.


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